This part of the site is still under construction and will become a growing collection of useful online resources for students of Japanese.

If you are having problems viewing Japanese text on your computer, please go to the help page.

Here are links to two applications (both FREE) which you need in order to use this website to its fullest:

Apple Computer’s Quicktime
Quicktime works on both Macintosh and Windows computers. Make sure you download the right one for your machine. After you install it, have a look at Virtual Environments’ rendition of a Japanese Garden in 3D virtual reality.

Adobe’s Acrobat Reader
Acrobat Reader allows you to read a formatted document, regardless of the language or platform or application for which it was originally created. This means that even if your computer cannot read and write in Japanese, you can still print out all of the worksheets and exercises for J140– right from this website.

Most computers come with this application already installed, so search around before you download it. New versions come around about every 8 months, so you may want to get the newest one; however, if you have a copy and it works, you may decide it’s not worth the hassle to deal with the new versions which often have bugs.